Does it ever? ll

To know the answers one day
outcome of decisions I take
relieved and ecstatic
or regret and pain
When does the wait end
Does it ever?



Oh my mind, Can’t you see
how far I have come
I managed the bad and
withstood the worst
I reason with myself
to be in sanity
My judgments are computed
but enclose my intuition
Then why do you doubt and keep on asking me
Are you capable ?

The light

Let this glow be part of you,

be enlightened of greater good

To know of hidden knowledge behind

few disappointments in mind

Let this celebration be the one

which fulfils your wish for prosperity

Let it bring you delight

Embrace the glorious light

Beat that demon inside you

For this is the day I believe,

you have the power to do so

Achieve the gift of truth to grow

Below the dark twinkling sky,

you can win the battles you pick

Against the odd

Cherish the joy which connects you to god.