A Prayer

While i am here
and you are there,
A prayer will come to you
either from a smile or a tear.


Cease the time

Cease the time

Stay in solitude

Feel the love

hostility to exclude

fence this stage

the moment has come after long

for it I was thirsty

stop the urge so strong

fellowship would be precise

togetherness to ingest

heartbeat dancing in zest

your aura is my nest

I shall love one day

Cupid is calling, happiness is around.
Hold on to it, heart said
but something is pulling me back
while I want to go ahead.

I was waiting for love
to discover me again.
When it is finally here,
why do I refrain?

Because the wound of lost love
still pains inside.
Tears are not dried up yet,
sorrow does reside.

I shall not give up on hope,
destiny will find a way.
I shall bloom one day.
I shall love one day.

Oh Mother, please take me back

This world is not
how you told me it would be.
I am stuck in black rot,
demons here are on killing spree.

I dreamed of living under trees
and bath with morning dew.
Where is that soothing breeze,
All I see is a derogatory view.

My eyes have started hurting
since the day I am out,
my unconscious is inserting
ferocious thoughts, beyond any doubt.

My only heaven was inside of you
where I get fed when you eat.
With your love I grew,
your essence made me complete.

Why did you let me develop?
In this social disease, I will doom,
place me in your love’s envelop,
Oh Mother, please take me back in your womb.