I thank you to leave

We were not destined to be together
as you are fire
and me being ice,
disaster is what our combination would acquire.
I thank you to leave.

If you wouldn’t have departed,
I would still have been encircled.
you were stringent,
“grave of our love is now wholeheartedly marbled”.
I thank you to leave.

Everything happens for good, it made me believe.
Dear, I thank you to leave.

Thank you Nico @ Nicodemasplusthree for nominating me for “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”. I hope my poem justifies the challenge.

I nominate Latha @ Next Step to Nirvana for this challenge. Latha, only if you are interested 🙂
Rules for the “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”:
you only have to link back to my blog and add your poem on your blog, making sure to include:
~The word “Love”, at least once.
~At least one adverb.
~At least one quote or motto, marked by quotation marks.

Dear Eiffel


Breathtaking is your view
as you shine so bright,
I miss seeing you
in day and in night.

Thank you Yusra @ Seeking Sincerity for 5P5S (5 pictures 5 stories/poems) challenge. This is my first picture and a really short poem (I hope length of poem is not one of the rules of this challenge, otherwise I will fail miserably 😀 😀 )

Meet me when…

Meet me when world is about to end,
and we have little time to spend.
Find me when there is no light,
when we have no more reason to fight.
Hold me when I have no one but you,
where there is just us two.
Baby, I will adore you like never before,
I will pour all my love from core.

The day i pray

The day I tumble;
The day I mourn;
The day I mumble;
The day I am torn.

The day I am blind;
The day I am faded;
The day I am declined;
The day I am invaded.

The day I am diseased;
The day I am in despair;
The day I am teased;
The day I can’t bear.

The day I pray to carry me away,
God , will you come for me that day?