Dear Eiffel


Breathtaking is your view
as you shine so bright,
I miss seeing you
in day and in night.

Thank you Yusra @ Seeking Sincerity for 5P5S (5 pictures 5 stories/poems) challenge. This is my first picture and a really short poem (I hope length of poem is not one of the rules of this challenge, otherwise I will fail miserably 😀 😀 )

8 thoughts on “Dear Eiffel

  1. Wooow!! This is beautiful. Love the poem too. Beautifully expressed in just few words. ❤
    Haha, no the length of the poem is not one of the rules. 😀 But nominating another blogger at the end of your post is, which I forgot to tell you earlier! Sorry 🙂 That is if you know someone who'll be willing to take the challenge.

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