My Words

Words might not say things
what my eyes could bring

They move like feather
break, after being put together

Where does it go ?
To whom it’s going to show ?

It goes to heaven, is this true ?
My words, Do they reach you?



Breeze carrying dreams

Was it real?

Jumped to catch

some in my hands

Felt few droplets

of fog on my face

When i opened my fist,

breeze caught up

and took away my dream

Fear no more!

Dusk outside the door, diminishing the light
Soon dark would take over- covering the ground
Thunder, lightening and rain to battle
Come my foe, fear no more

Mighty waves of ocean – fierce
Tides would come and go, their’s shore to adore
Storm, dust devil and headwind to bear
Come my foe, fear no more

All entities rattle when earth shakes
Making even the strongest base to collapse
Disaster, landslide and pain to endure
Come my foe, fear no more

Why is it that we don’t understand
Everything shall come to an end, eventually
Love, humanity and nurture to adore
My foe, fear no more!