Some roads are not meant to be travelled!

Why are we always keen on travelling on roads which we know are not the correct ones at that moment of time.¬†Why does something starts looking gorgeous as soon as we know that we can’t have it? This craving is not limited to stuff or food but people too.
Have you ever been in a situation where you really liked a person but you can’t take things ahead as circumstances doesn’t allow you to. Maybe because that person is already in relationship with your mate, or doesn’t want to be in a relationship. or Maybe because you are bound to a commitment which is stopping you to go ahead. Whatever might be the reason, it sucks!
To make it worst, your ‘Curious’ mind will make you think ‘what if’ in spite of all the circumstances, I would have gone ahead? We will never know that unless we do travel on that road. But maybe some roads are not meant to be travelled.