Oh my mind, Can’t you see
how far I have come
I managed the bad and
withstood the worst
I reason with myself
to be in sanity
My judgments are computed
but enclose my intuition
Then why do you doubt and keep on asking me
Are you capable ?

Fear no more!

Dusk outside the door, diminishing the light
Soon dark would take over- covering the ground
Thunder, lightening and rain to battle
Come my foe, fear no more

Mighty waves of ocean – fierce
Tides would come and go, their’s shore to adore
Storm, dust devil and headwind to bear
Come my foe, fear no more

All entities rattle when earth shakes
Making even the strongest base to collapse
Disaster, landslide and pain to endure
Come my foe, fear no more

Why is it that we don’t understand
Everything shall come to an end, eventually
Love, humanity and nurture to adore
My foe, fear no more!

Cease the time

Cease the time

Stay in solitude

Feel the love

hostility to exclude

fence this stage

the moment has come after long

for it I was thirsty

stop the urge so strong

fellowship would be precise

togetherness to ingest

heartbeat dancing in zest

your aura is my nest

I shall love one day

Cupid is calling, happiness is around.
Hold on to it, heart said
but something is pulling me back
while I want to go ahead.

I was waiting for love
to discover me again.
When it is finally here,
why do I refrain?

Because the wound of lost love
still pains inside.
Tears are not dried up yet,
sorrow does reside.

I shall not give up on hope,
destiny will find a way.
I shall bloom one day.
I shall love one day.