Will it ever?

It’s my caste which matters

more than my knowledge

I am not getting the best

as I am of different caste than rest

How is this fair?

For me, discrimination is not rare

Born a Brahmin was my fate

Being deprived of opportunities is mandate

When will this inequality end?

Will it ever?

Feel Alive

Take me to a cliff and throw, crave me slow.
Cut me with a knife, betray me in life.
I want to feel alive.

Pinch me, Push me, Scare me, Deprive me.
Kiss me, Hug me, Feel me, Love me.
I want to feel alive.

I want to thrive, i want to crash when drive.
I want the night to glow, for it to let my mind blow.
because i want to revive.
because i want to feel alive.

It’s You

I see dark sky turning blue,
I see the changing hue,
everything feels new,
when i see you.

When you hold my hand,
and keep me on your side;
all seems bright,
i confess, it does smite.

Weather i am near or far,
you do come in my thoughts:
what is it that you got,
which tie me to you in a knot.

why i see myself as new,
my life has changed its view;
if you would only knew,
darling, the reason is you.