Meet me when…

Meet me when world is about to end,
and we have little time to spend.
Find me when there is no light,
when we have no more reason to fight.
Hold me when I have no one but you,
where there is just us two.
Baby, I will adore you like never before,
I will pour all my love from core.

The day i pray

The day I tumble;
The day I mourn;
The day I mumble;
The day I am torn.

The day I am blind;
The day I am faded;
The day I am declined;
The day I am invaded.

The day I am diseased;
The day I am in despair;
The day I am teased;
The day I can’t bear.

The day I pray to carry me away,
God , will you come for me that day?

I will do it for you

You saved me when I was little,
from the world so brittle.
you told me I am a princess,
your hold made me fearless.
you fed me when I was hungry,
my whining never made you angry.

While saying goodbye the other day,
I knew what you wanted to say.
I could see it on your face,
hope of things to fall in place.
Daddy, I will make your wish true,
even though I am not happy, I will do it for you.

What is Love?

Love is bound destiny,
love is soul’s claim,
love is going distance,
and never to blame.

love is my body,
and life inside it,
love is my eyes,
and dreams behind it.

love is within me,
love is just me.

My favourite quote on love: ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was nominated by Prakash Hegade to write about Love in 10 sentences, each sentence having four words along with my favourite quote on Love. So, here it is. I hope I have justified the challenge.

Instead of nominating individuals, I would like to invite everyone who is willing to take part. I would love to read what you think of Love.

I am falling for you

I am a nester
and you are a free bird
I desire a family
and you want adventure
our lives are different
and surroundings apart
our minds are contrasting
but alike heart
relationship between us
will end as soon as it start
and within no time
it will become a ruined fine art
I am trying to convince myself
that I should not take part
I need to get through
because I am falling for you


sun and breeze,
sound of waves,
seductive it behaves.

churches and forts,
remembrance of portuguese time,
history has its own regime.

prawns and crabs,
eating Goan fish curry,
let it all come, I am in no hurry.

boats and shacks,
affair of coconut trees,
I don’t want to leave please.

Be a baby again

Be a baby again,
when hide and seek was our favourite game.
when it was believed that,
heaven is from where a baby came.

Be a baby again,
when Barbie was our friend,
and donald duck was funny,
time when we used to sleep with bunny.

Be a baby again,
when life was not a bane.
Be a baby again!

“Let’s keep that innocent silly child alive within”