I am falling for you

I am a nester
and you are a free bird
I desire a family
and you want adventure
our lives are different
and surroundings apart
our minds are contrasting
but alike heart
relationship between us
will end as soon as it start
and within no time
it will become a ruined fine art
I am trying to convince myself
that I should not take part
I need to get through
because I am falling for you


sun and breeze,
sound of waves,
seductive it behaves.

churches and forts,
remembrance of portuguese time,
history has its own regime.

prawns and crabs,
eating Goan fish curry,
let it all come, I am in no hurry.

boats and shacks,
affair of coconut trees,
I don’t want to leave please.

Be a baby again

Be a baby again,
when hide and seek was our favourite game.
when it was believed that,
heaven is from where a baby came.

Be a baby again,
when Barbie was our friend,
and donald duck was funny,
time when we used to sleep with bunny.

Be a baby again,
when life was not a bane.
Be a baby again!

“Let’s keep that innocent silly child alive within”

Feel Alive

Take me to a cliff and throw, crave me slow.
Cut me with a knife, betray me in life.
I want to feel alive.

Pinch me, Push me, Scare me, Deprive me.
Kiss me, Hug me, Feel me, Love me.
I want to feel alive.

I want to thrive, i want to crash when drive.
I want the night to glow, for it to let my mind blow.
because i want to revive.
because i want to feel alive.

Let it burst!

Stuck in time,
emotions aren’t worth a dime.

unable to move,
don’t have anything to prove.

can’t step ahead,
soul is getting shred.

falling down under,
shot by a thunder.

hope is not to be seen,
everything is black, not green.

anger shall be out,
must be shown a route.

now it’s going to burst,
and make everything worst.

It’s You

I see dark sky turning blue,
I see the changing hue,
everything feels new,
when i see you.

When you hold my hand,
and keep me on your side;
all seems bright,
i confess, it does smite.

Weather i am near or far,
you do come in my thoughts:
what is it that you got,
which tie me to you in a knot.

why i see myself as new,
my life has changed its view;
if you would only knew,
darling, the reason is you.